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Why your company needs a website

  • Multiply your advertising dollars: put a web address in a small print ad or time limited 30 second commercial and suddenly you have an unlimited internet link to additional advertising time and space.

  • Cost effective: compare the cost of a web site to print, radio, or television advertising. A web site is cheap yet effective.

  • Demographics: web users are young and upscale. These people spend money on products and services that they search for on the internet.

  • Extend your business hours: why stay open 8 hours per day, 5 days per week when 24 hours per day, 7 days per week will bring in more customers!

  • Reduce your costs: just one click and you’ve changed your entire ad campaign. No need to reprint and mail thousands of postcards.

  • Instant brochure: need to give a customer lots of information immediately? With a couple of keystrokes send a link instantaneously to a potential customer and convert them to a real customer.

  • Target your advertising: use PPC (pay per click) services to get customers that have typed in only keywords that describe your product or service. Print, radio, or television outlets cannot pinpoint your ad dollars so efficiently.

  • Connect with potential customers: Let customers sign up for a newsletter email on your site. Then when you are running a special let all of your customers know about it in a few seconds using email

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