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Plastic Card Services

For All Your Plastic Card Services and Needs:

There are a lot of plastic card companies out there, providing plastic card services and equipment that are needed to make highly quality cards.  But not all of these plastic card specialists combine state-of-the-art technology, speedy and reliable on-time delivery and general affordability.  Oakland Park, FL-based Trackmaster, Incorporated prides itself on combining each of these three pivotal and overall features for all its customers.

Trackmaster, Inc. specializes in both lower-cost small and large-run custom plastic card printing, and the company and its people believe in the old axiom, “image is everything” … but not the way you might normally think.  The “image” of most importance to the pros at Trackmaster refers to the quality of the plastic cards and the related services you send to your customers.  In simple terms, the materials and services that bear your company name say a lot about who you are.

A Plastic Card Company with a Track Record

Trackmaster prides itself on the ability to fulfill both small and large orders alike.  For those looking for a plastic card company that can accommodate an order as small as 250 cards or as large as several thousand cards, we can meet either extreme.  With discounts offered for larger orders (500 cards and above) and solid deals on smaller orders, one thing is certain … we can and we will meet your deadline!

Whether you’re a sales person looking to make a big first impression, a business owner seeking a loyalty card or gift card program or a large corporation seeking to improve brand identity with your own unique take on business cards, Trackmaster can help you find success with a variety of plastic card services.

Plastic Card Specialized Services

The beauty of Trackmaster Inc. is that it is more than just plastic cards.  From graphic design services to hard and soft cover books, DVD and CD replication and duplication, video production and direct mails services, your business name and contact information will be staring right back at both your current and future customers – conveying your personalized style with a professional touch.  And the pricing for your plastic cards– which varies based on whether you require cards that are clear, white or frosted, if your cards need writing on both front and back – depend on your desired order size.

Specific Plastic Card Features

Trackmaster Incorporated offers the following key card features for all your plastic card needs:

  • Barcoding – Each card carries a unique barcode on both the front and back, allowing you to link that barcode to any one of your existing databases.  It’s like a built in tracking system for your entire plastic card services suite.
  • Sequential Numbering – Each card can feature a unique identifying sequential number, with no possibilities for duplication or error.
  • Personalization – Your company’s cards are made to your exact specifications.
  • Magnetic Stripe – These stripes are made in terms of “coercivity,” an attribute that ensures that information cannot be erased or compromised in any way.
  • Signature Strip – A signature strip can be a safeguarding security measure, and this feature can be placed on the front, back or both sides of your plastic cards.
  • Scratch-Off – This feature adds to the unique nature of your company … and customers usually think they are fun!  Build up your unique company mystique and build your brand on fun; scratch off cards can be a great marketing tool.

Trackmaster Inc exists for businesses like yours.  Whether you are looking for a plastic card company that can spread the word about your new business, or if you want to solidify your already solid reputation, Trackmaster Incorporated of Oakland Park, FL has plastic card services your business needs. For further help or information please feel free to call us at (954) 776 - 6603.



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