DVD Replication Services
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DVD Replication Services

They say that great ideas are born from simple notions.  And then once elaborated upon, these ideas can be your best. Now that you are here visiting the pages of Trackmaster, you probably have a clear idea of how you want to replicate your original DVD. Or maybe you also want us to put your project together on a DVD format, and then replicate the disc in as many as thousands of copies for distribution later on.

Think of a DVD as an optical storage media format – used for data, video, images or audio. At Trackmaster, we have helped customers with large projects for big seminars and conferences since we opened in (put year company began here). 

Most industry experts recommend using DVD replication services when you need 500 copies or more.  Trackmaster can handle not only that type of copy volume, but we can also handle small volumes as well. No matter how large or small your project is, we tailor our Services to fit your individual needs.

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DVD Replication choices

Just as  we had explained in our DVD duplication page, there are multiple DVD formats competing for standardization, with the same issues also  facing DVD replication. In fact, we have developed different solutions to address this standardization and have every confidence that we can provide you with the best and most actionable results.

Our DVD replication services start with the master DVD and the electronic DVD label artwork, which includes:

  • DVDs with capacities of 4.7GB, 8.5GB, 9.4GB
  • Two-sided DVD discs
  • 5 Color Offset Prints
  • Glass Mastering capability
  • Same-day delivery service

High Definition DVD Replication

DVD replication is the process by which data is stamped or pressed onto a DVD from a master disc. Today, thanks to modern technology, there’s more need to update old storage systems. Our high-definition DVD replication equipment is ideal for those who have tons of family movies and want to bring those memories back to life at the touch of a button. Other common uses include those who already have master copies on HD-DVD, and may also want to replicate it for a special event or for mass marketing purposes.

Trackmasters offers complete, high-quality DVD replication services at competitive prices. Once you tell us your specifications, we can guide you step by step through your DVD replication process. This way, you can be sure you’ll get the most satisfactory results. Whether you need 500 or as many as 3,000 DVD copies, our replication services are your best choice.

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