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CD DVD Replication Services

When the job you have in mind requires outstanding quality and attention to detail, Trackmaster has the tools to make it a reality. We employ a team of multimedia specialists who are dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding quality multimedia productions in all formats at affordable prices.

Along with our multimedia productions, CD and DVD replication is one of our services that is highly in demand. We offer comprehensive service throughout the replication process, and we guarantee that the final product is going to be compatible with a wide range of electronic hardware. No matter where you are in the state or in the country, you can contact us when you need CD and DVD replication. Get a FREE Online Quote!

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What is CD DVD replication?

CD / DVD replication is the original CD manufacturing process that became public back in 1983. This system is most useful for customers who are in need of a high volume of CDs or DVDs. The process might take a little longer than CD DVD duplication, but it’s well worth it.

The CD and DVD replication process requires the creation of a glass master and a stamper, to literally create data holes into the metal layer of the discs. A replicated CD or DVD has a higher quality than a burned one, since in the burning process the data holes are simply burned with laser into a gelatinous layer of the disc.

CD and DVD replication with Trackmaster

We offer a complete line of CD DVD replication services, beginning with pre-mastering and verification, and ending with the packaging and fulfillment of the product, for both CDs and DVDs.

For CD replication:

  • One-off's
  • CD, CD-ROM, CD-I : audio & video CD, DVD
  • Digital video: MPEG, AVI, Quicktime and WMVs
  • Data Archiving
  • Up to 80 minutes of music per CD
  • Capacity of up to 700 MB of data
  • Multiple CD replication lines
  • Offset printing
  • High resolution silk-screening
  • CD packaging
  • CD design cover and label design
  • 1-4 color labels & cases
  • Fast turn around
  • Direct mail fulfillment services

For DVD replication:

  • DVDs with capacities of 4.7GB, 8.5GB, 9.4GB
  • Two-sided DVD discs
  • 5 Color Offset Prints
  • Glass Mastering capability
  • Offset printing
  • High resolution silk-screening
  • CD packaging
  • CD design cover and label design
  • 1-4 color labels & cases
  • Fast turn around
  • Direct mail fulfillment service

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Get your high definition DVD replication!

Trackmaster offers complete, high definition DVD replication services at competitive prices. Once you tell us your specifications, we can guide you step by step through your high definition DVD replication process.

Our array of services also includes animation, video, photography and audio. We create material that will attract and hold the viewer’s interest. You can use these services to create a spectacular high definition movie on DVD or obtain as many copies as you want for distribution. Regardless of your purpose, you can be sure you’ll get optimal results with our services. Whether you need 500 or as many as 3,000 high definition DVD copies, Trackmaster is your best bet.

Trackmaster is a CD and DVD replication company serving Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach created to work with you from beginning to end. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll make them a digital reality!


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