CD Duplication Services
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CD Duplication Services

Do you have ideas  for promoting your product wisely and more efficiently? Trackmaster is the one-stop shop you need and want to use to make those ideas a reality. Located in the Fort Lauderdale area in Florida, Trackmaster was created to offer multiple options, all with state-of-the-art equipment and a competent and helpful staff.

As a multimedia company, Trackmaster’s CD duplication services are in great demand. Why? Because one great idea duplicated many times over can bring much significant revenue in the long run.

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CD DVD Duplication or Replication?

Both options sound almost similar, but they are not the same. The first difference is part of the technical process. The second depends on specific client requests.
Generally, CD or DVD duplication is used for projects that require up to 500 copies. For 500 copies or more, CD replication is the most economical and efficient way to go.

Trackmaster’s complete line of CD duplication services includes pre-mastering and verification, mastering, CD One Offs, label printing, printing for brochures or manuals, packaging and direct mail fulfillment. 

Trackmaster’s line of services of CD duplication includes:

  • CD, CD-ROM, CD-I: audio & video CD, DVD
  • Digital video: MPEG, AVI, Quicktime and WMVs,
  • Data Archiving
  • Video, Audio and CD dubs
  • Custom recorded or blank CDs
  • CD duplication in any quantity and length
  • CD Packaging designs
  • 1-4 color labels & cases
  • Same-day delivery (available at select locations)

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Business card CDs: an electronic revolution

Our commitment to excellence sets Trackmaster apart from the competition, and makes you reach new horizons when it comes to meeting your expectations. That is why along with our CD duplication services, we also offer the creation and duplication of Business card CDs.

This practical and revolutionary format is known by many names: Digital Business Cards (DBCs), Web Cards, Buzzcards, D-Cards and Digicards, among others. Regardless of their names, these services can accommodate 35 megabytes of data for the small ones and up to 100 magabytes for the larger format.  In other words, a full presentation of digital audio, photos, video, copy or 3D animation can be loaded on one of these small CD cards.

That’s right …these CDs are only as large as a single business card, but they can be used in nearly any computer with a slide-out CD-ROM tray. The best part of it all is that at Trackmaster you can have yours completed from beginning to end on the *same day you drop off your materials! Plus, as an integral CD duplication company, we can duplicate your digital business cards in any quantity you need!

Whatever your unique specifications call for, you’ll be satisfied with our competitive prices and complete CD duplication services. Click here and GET A FREE QUOTE!

Aim higher and better with Trackmaster a Miami, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach CD and DVD duplication service that offers you the highest quality in reproduction media.


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