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Trackmaster specializes in short run digital offset printing of hard and soft cover books. Book runs over 1,000 pieces are handled by large offset web presses and book cover binderies; cost effective institutions if you need 100,000 books however if you need to make 300 copies then you are truly in a bind (bad pun intended). Trackmaster can make short run full color covers and full color printed sheets and bind them into a beautiful professional book.

Make a multimedia statement by adding a DVD inside your book. Take a look at an example yearbook/DVD/web site that Trackmaster designed for the Olympic Heights High School Band and Color Guard. Trackmaster did the graphic design, layout, book printing, videography, and DVD manufacturing! View the web page here.

Design your book and book cover yourself, or have Trackmaster do all the design for you, or pick someplace inbetween! Experienced designers use Adobe InDesign and photoshop/illustrator to make books de novo whilest novices can use powerful book designing programs like Lumapix; it all depends upon your skill and comfort level when using a computer.

Call Trackmaster if you need to make a book and reduce the agony and the cost associated with the book making process. View some sample yearbook and book covers by clicking: Mixed Yearbook samples ; Saint Vincent Cover Demo; Book with fold out; Page Strength Demo; Thick Soft Cover; Mixed Hard Cover Books, Mixed Hard & Soft Cover Books; Hard Cover Annual Report ; Hard Cover Corner Sample #1; Hard Cover Corner Sample #2; Soft Cover Samples; Soft Cover Corner Sample #1; Soft Cover Corner Sample #2.


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