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Lumpix Book Printing Software

Design your own professional quality yearbooks using our easy to use do-it-yourself software: YearbookFusion. YearbookFusion is a publishing program that enables schools, clubs, churches, parent organizations, PTAs & PTOs, home school organizations, et cetera to easily electronically combine student and memory photos, prints, art, and text into a professional yearbook. YearbookFusion is a software package specialized for yearbook layout. It streamlines the process of creating yearbooks, church directories, and other database-driven album types. This software combined with our digital offset printing press allows smaller groups within schools and organizations to make their own separate yearbooks e.g. marching band, football team, concert band, glee clubs, rugby clubs, chess clubs, wrestling team, basketball team, drama department, spanish clubs, et cetera........

YearbookFusion enables a yearbook advisor to:

  • Install a layout application with branding and page size defaults matching the publisher that provided the software
  • Create a multipage album project with all pages stored in a single file
  • Import a PSPA CD, building a database of students and faculty
  • Perform database operations, such as moving students from one grade to another
  • Create panel pages automatically
  • Customize the panel page ‘look’ (knocking out frames, reshaping the grid, etc)
  • Lay out the rest of the yearbook with candid pages, collage pages, etc
  • Upload the results to the publisher for printing

Trackmaster recommends YearbookFusion software. This powerful PC software speeds the process of laying out complete yearbooks - from cover to cover. The results will delight you: visually sophisticated books that combine collage candid pages, automated class panels, and losts of papers, textures and frames pulled from an extensive online library of graphical embellishments. Use an existing template or create your entire book from scratch - the choice is yours. Click here to download a PDF of YearbookFusion screen grabs.

Best of all, YearbookFusion has been customized for the specific books sizes that Trackmaster can print - and is connected directly to our server, so you can upload your work directly to our offset digital printing press with a single click. This is the next generation of yearbook software, and it's yours as a part of our standard yearbook package. SHORT RUN DIGITAL IS HERE! MAKE YOUR BOOK!

Watch videos (following below) demonstrating the great potential of this software:



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