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Audio Production Services

There are a lot of audio production service companies out there, but that shouldn’t stop you from going with the best! Florida-based TrackMaster Inc. will not only help you with all your audio production needs, we have also managed to keep a strong duplication business since the late 70’s. 

That’s right; TrackMaster’s staff has skilled specialists in duplication — providing state-of-the-art equipment for CDs, DVDs and other sound and video mediums — many of which have become less prevalent because of the rise of downloading on the Internet.  Despite those technological advances, though, TrackMaster has succeeded in bridging the gap between the old and the new — having celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2006.  It’s simple, really: If you have a need for audio production services and overall sound and video duplication … then you need TrackMaster! 

TrackMaster’s Powerful Partners
Some well-known recording studios across South Florida work with TrackMaster for all their duplication and audio production service needs, and they have demonstrated that loyalty and faith by turning over their master recordings to TrackMaster for both small and big duplication jobs alike.  Here are TrackMaster’s key partners — all highly regarded in the South Florida music community:

  1. Insane Sound Recording, Lauder Hill, FL The “radio-ready” sounds of Lauder Hill, FL-based Insane Recording Studios lives by the mantra, “From Hip Hop to Hardcore!”  So if you like to rock, consider it an “insane rock & roll playground!”  This one-stop recording shop offers recording, mixing. Production and mastering services of its own, and relies heavily on TrackMaster for audio replication. (; 954-797-0470)    
  2. Spectrum Recording Studios, Pompano Beach, FL – Broward's Largest Full Service facility of over 26 years features two studios and 4 iso booths that includes a live room that can hold an entire orchestra. Studio A is designed for large music projects; jingle production, audio-to-video lock-up for sweetening sessions, dialog replacement, Foley and SFX work. Studio B is Ideal for budget music projects, radio and TV spot production, phone patches, music demos and industrial sessions. Studio A features a Pro Tools | HD2 Accel system, MCI JH16 analog machine, M-20 Adats , as well as a fully automated Amek Hendrix console with up to 88 track recording capability. Our Blue Sky 6.5 Active Satellite/Sub 12 subwoofer system and Lucasfilm THX pm3 system allows full 5.1 surround mixing and editing.  Final Cut Pro video system available in A. 
    Located at 871 West McNab Road in Pompano Beach, is a full-service facility featuring state-of-the art equipment designed to meet audio and video needs. The studio accommodates bands, solo artists and orchestras as well as voice over sessions, multiple talent lock-to-picture, dialog replacement and digital sound effects. Spectrum also provides full production for any audio and/or video project, including full feature DVDs as well as custom music and FCP projects. For additional information on Spectrum, please contact Jim Kalamasz. (; 954-781-6921)
  3. West End Studios, Inc. , Fort Lauderdale, FL – Owned and solely operated by acclaimed Producer/Songwriter/Engineer Pete Masitti (Hootie and The Blowfish, Shakira, Paul Stanley, Julio Iglesias Jr., Kelly Rowland, Luis Miguel etc...), West End Studios features stunning waterfront views from both it's vocal booth and control room for the ultimate creative experience.  A graduate of both the Juilliard School(Bachelor in Performance) and The University of Miami (Master of Music in Media Writing and Production,) Masitti's experience insures your project will shine above the others.  Services offered include Mastering,  Custom Songwriting/Production (unique to each artist's voice and style), Arranging, Tracking and Final Mixing.  West End Studios is a long time endorser and partner of Trackmaster. (; 954-567-3850)

Master recordings made by these and other music studios insure state-of-the-art sound quality that far exceeds the *Phillips Red Book standard.  And that’s where TrackMaster takes over, providing mass duplication and replication quickly and affordably.  And even better news: For those smaller duplication jobs (250 copies minimum), TrackMaster can provide the same high-quality audio production and duplication services.  Need audio production and duplication/replication services tomorrow?  Today?  Just visit us online at or call 954.776.6603.  Out of the greater South Florida area? No worries … try us toll free at 888-374-8877.

*The Phillips Red Book Standard

The Red Book standard refers to specifications contained in a 1980 document related to the overall standards of quality for all compact discs, originally patented by and developed for Sony and Philps.  According to the lore, the original Red Book document consisted of a binder with red covers — both front and back.  The original Red Book (which began the tradition whereby future CD specifications were referred to as variously colored books) described specifications that included tracks, sector and block layouts, coding and sampling.

As per Red Book specifications, a standard CD is 120 mm (4.75 inches) in diameter and 1.2 mm (0.05 inches) thick and is composed of a polycarbonate plastic substrate — basically a thin layer of reflective metal, often composed of aluminum.


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