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About TrackMaster

Owners Roy and Lupe Parsons started in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 1973 as Parsons, Inc. Initially Parsons, Inc. was a manufacturer of duplicating equipment, tape loaders. & tape verifiers for the 8 track industry. Parsons, Inc. then went into the manufacture of audio cassette duplication equipment

After moving to Florida in 1976 Parsons, Inc. changed its name to Trackmaster, Inc. since another company already had the name Parsons, Inc. Trackmaster has been a duplicator for musicians, record labels, & businesses for over 30 years. The current CEO, Bruce Parsons, Ph.D., is the son of Roy and Lupe and has been at the helm for over 10 years. In addition to running his company Roy is a successful engineer inventing and patenting (one of many) the Gigit: a radio powered by an attached 8 track cassette. Also, Roy converted his own private airplane to run on hydrogen power years before anyone even thought of alernative fuels. Click here to read the article from 1988 in the Miami Herald.

In the last few years there have been drastic changes within the duplication industry. The internet has reduced, but not eliminated, the need for physical duplication due to the rise of downloading. Video production, once the domain of a small video elite, is now available to the general public. Trackmaster has evolved and will continue to do so even in this volatile and everchanging dynamic.


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