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About TrackMaster's Filemanager

Graphic designers and print brokers are always looking for ways to gain an edge over their competitors. In this hyper connected internet world, pennies can translate into margins that mean the difference between profitability or chapter 7.

Trackmaster has an online system that gives print brokers and graphic designers a secure, private online filing space where they can store and update their graphic files on Trackmaster's web site. This system has one great advantage in that the files are available for Trackmaster's print technicians to review and correct problems early on that are not apparent in the graphic design process but will arise in printing or bindery. We will help you correct mistakes before they are printed.

In addition, graphic designers and print brokers can limit access and permissions of their clients in this folder system. For example - lets say that you want to limit your clients to just being able to download files but not being able to upload, change (save as), or delete files. A separate login and password can be set up limiting their account without these features.

Graphic designers and printers that are looking for a way to reduce errors, speed up turn times, and reduce costs can sign up for Trackmaster's Filemanager. Call Bruce at (954) 776 - 6603 to set up an account.


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